Katarzyna Lecka (Szlachta)

Graduates // Katarzyna Lecka (Szlachta)


2003-2004 Master's thesis: “Regulation of gene expression in transgenic plants”

Supervisor:  dr. hab. ing.  Marcin Łukaszewicz


The aim of this study was to analyze the expression of the promoter 20R of the 14-3-3 protein isoform. For this purpose, transgenic plants were created in which the GUS reporter gene was under control of the promoter 20R. In the preliminary studies it was found that abscisic acid, cold, light and heavy metals regulate the expression of GUS. The strongest influence on the 20R promoter activity was observed in the case of zinc (after 24 hours 8-fold induction). The least, more than two-fold increase in β-glucuronidase activity was observed after 24 h incubation of plants in the cold. Despite the presence of sequences potentially regulated by auxin, ethylene, salicylic acid, pathogen infection and sucrose, there was no effect of these factors on the GUS activity.


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  • Biosurfactants

    We identified chemical structures of newly isolated biosurfactants which are secreted by Arctic microorganisms. We are investigating their antibacterial, antifungal properties as well as proapoptotic activity. Biosurfactants can be used as an antiseptics.

  • Biogas

    We are investigating and optimizing the efficiency of metanogenesis in bioreactors. We are also testing various substrates (industrial waste) as materials for biogas production. Microorganisms which participate in this process are investigated as e.g. biofilm producers.

  • Bacteriophages

    Bacteriophages or phages are bacterial viruses. We isolated and are now investigating phages which kill Bacillus strains. Beside the basic research, the collection of phages can be used in industry as for example eliminators of infections.

  • Antiseptics

    Fungal infections are difficult to treat because of the small number of effective drugs. Candida albicans resistance depends on the activity of ABC transporters (MDR, CDR). We have investigated strains and methods for finding new antifungal compounds (synthetic and natural) e.g. probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii.